Funza Lushaka Teaching Bursary 2023 Now Open

About the Funza Lushaka Teaching Bursary

The funza lushaka teaching bursary 2023 Online Application is a multi-year programme that promotes coaching in public faculties. Bursaries for 2022 are to be had to permit eligible college students to complete a complete teaching qualification in a place of national precedence. Recipients of the bursary may be required to educate at a public school for the equal number of years that they acquire the bursary. Qualified recipients of the bursary can apply for suitable public college positions with the provincial training department (PED) of their preference. The PED worried will determine whether or not there may be a appropriate submit available. If there isn’t always, the applicant might be offered employment in a PED that does have appropriate vacancies.

Administration Contract And Renewability

The funza lushaka bursary will be granted for each academic year at a time and might be reestablished every year dependent on acceptable academic performance. Bursary beneficiaries must re-apply for funding before the end of October for the following academic year.

Whenever understudies have graduated, they will be needed to educate at a government school situated at rural areas, the term of showing position will be equivalent to the length of the bursary financing got.

Admission criteria

The bursary is simplest offered to South African citizens. Applications will now not be considered until the applicant has a legitimate South African ID e-book. Applicants for the bursary should already have been familiar into tertiary organization or an appropriate observe program at a diagnosed higher schooling group. Applicants additionally want to fulfill positive admission standards of the group and they ought to also provide the country wide choice criteria for the funza lushaka bursary.

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Selection standards include the following:

The applicant’s academic capacity;
Eligibility for an authorised degree or PGCE in of the priority areas;
Commitment to a teaching profession, which includes: interest in working with younger humans; enthusiasm for a expert profession in teaching; readiness to face and surmount difficult demanding situations and personal integrity;
Commitment to train in any college to which a student may be appointed by means of a PED.
Everything else being identical, choice have to favour applicants from rural areas, candidates who desire to teach in rural areas and candidates whose economic position could in any other case exclude them from enrolment for a teaching qualification. The bursary will most effective be presented if two of the concern location specialization topics are covered as a coaching concern on your qualification.

Busaries For 2022

Apply present latest Bursaries for 2022 academic year from the listing given below:

2. Dept. Of Higher Education
4. Epilepsy Education Trust
5. Department Of Education

Please word that people who have already got other coaching qualifications do now not qualify for this program

What the funza lushaka covers?

Funza lushaka teaching bursary South Africa covers all the recipient’s vital costs. Expenses blanketed encompass tuition, full lodging along with food, books and studying substances, and a small allowance for month-to-month dwelling costs. The allocation to any character student is capped at a specific value. Where the HEI charges more than the capped value the bursars will ought to top up from personal price range. Universities have one of a kind fee structures, so the overall fee of a bursary differs from group to group.

Conditions for repeating a year

The bursary period can be prolonged to cowl one additional yr in a degree program, or the time required for of completion of one extra route inside the PGCE program. Only one such extension might be granted. Funding for a further year of look at (I.E. 5th yr) is not computerized and might be taken into consideration on a case through case foundation. In cases where guide is provided for an extra 12 months, the service responsibility for the scholar is extended by using a yr. Any additional time required will be at the recipient’s very own value. The bursary is renewable for one educational yr at a time. On evidence of educational success the bursary may be renewed every yr until the recipient of the bursary has qualified as a teacher.

Who Can Apply The Funza Lushaka Teaching Bursary 2022?.

First of all lets see who can’t apply for funza lushaka bursary.

Any student / person who has a criminal record are not allowed tobe part of the bursary.
Employees of the Department of Higher Education Institutions and their families are also not allowed to apply funza lushaka bursary.
People who already have teaching qualification are not allowed to apply.

Now lets SEE who can apply for funza lushaka bursary.

Students who apply by online application and resided in South Africa.
Clear criminal record.

If you still qualify to apply this bursary, then these are majors courses to study.

Priority Area Subjects

Foundation Phase One (Grade R-3: Ages 5-9)

-Foundation phase specialization

Intermediate Phase Two (Grade 4-6: Ages 10-12)

  • Mathematics
  • English language
  • Natural Sciences
  • Technology
  • African language

Senior Phase Three (Grade 7-9: Ages 13-15)

-English language
-Natural Sciences
-African language

FET Phase Four (Grade 10-12: Ages 16-18)

Conditions for reimbursement of the bursary

The bursary ought to be repaid best if the recipient fails to qualify, fails to use for a coaching post with a PED at a public college, fails to take up a teaching submit with a PED at a public school, leaves a coaching submit with a PED before the give up of the shriveled carrier length, or in any other case fails to meet a demand of the bursary settlement.

How to apply 

You need to apply for admission to a coaching qualification (B Ed or PGCE) or a Bachelors diploma (E.G. BSc, B Tech, BA) with at the least one foremost direction in a concern area at a university of your choice. Once you have got received admission at a university, you are required to apply for the bursary through this Internet website.

The bursary is awarded for one academic yr at a time and, on evidence of academic fulfillment, the bursary may be renewed every year until the recipient of the bursary has certified as a trainer. The bursary holder could be required to re-practice via the quit of October for the subsequent year. Recipients of bursaries for 2022 could be required to educate three hundred and sixty five days for each yr for which they receive a bursary.

Please note that the bursary will open on 01 October 2021

For extra Informations visit http://www.Funzalushaka.Doe.Gov.Za/

Funza lushaka teaching bursary closing date:

First time application closing date: February 2022

Re-application closing date: November 2021

How do you apply for funza lushaka teaching bursary 2022?

First time application

Re-application click on

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